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Sure we do please just give us a call at (619)577-3065 and we will see what we can set up for you.

 Absolutely, we do that all the time for customers. Please purchase the diagnostic service and send your phone in. A technician will call you the same day we receive it with a quote before beginning any work on your iPhone.

Of course! If you have managed to break your cell phone, odds are we can fix it. Browse our repair services.

In addition to iPhone repairs, we offer a wide varitey of iPod, iPad, and Mac repairs. If you are interested in a repair please contact a support representative at (619) 577-3065

Yes, all repairs carry a 90 day parts and labor warranty which means if you have any issues related to the repair within 90 days we will take care of it free of charge!

No matter what kind of liquid it may be, fresh water, salt water, pool water, drinks or alcohol. Turn off your phone immediately and bring it to the shop. Even if the phone is still working after it got wet, still turn it off to prevent further damage. We will open it, disconnect the battery, and start the drying process and clean the corrosion.