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The iPhone X is nothing short of amazing!!!

The iPhone X is nothing short of amazing!!! It’s like the breath of fresh air that I feel we have all been waiting for from Apple for so long. With a whole new jawdropping OLED screen the Iphone X surpasses all previous iPhone models. It has a new innovative design that is not only sexy but also durable meaning less broken iPhones and screen repairs.

This amazing new piece of technology not only come with the lightning charger but also includes wireless charging. This is most exciting feature of the new iPhone X. Can you imagine not every having to carry around usb cables again? Have I mentioned the camera yet?! Wow apple really outdid themselves this time with their brand new dual 12-megapixel camera. If you’ve been holding out over the last several years waiting for that new iPhone that was going to blow all of the other models away then you’re in luck. Apple has finely created an iphone that’s so completely different from their previous models. It’s not lonly sleak, innovative but also captivating as well. It’s literally blown our mind over and over. Though it may come with a heft pricetag at $899. The iPhone X is where worth every single penny.

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If you’re intersted in hearing more about the iPhone X then please checkout this video on YouTube.