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iPhone 6 PLUS Now Available for Repair!!

iPhone 6 Plus users!

Having a larger iPhone screen and enjoying the large iPhone 6 Plus has many perks. The size difference of less than one inch in both directions has caused a fury in many iPhone users. The luxury price tag on the iPhone 6 Plus is on average $150-$250 more than the iPhone 6. For the same reason, iPhone 6 Plus repairs have been out of financial reach until now.

When you first get your brand new iPhone 6 Plus out of the box your pupils enlarge as you marvel and absorb the newest specs and smooth edges of the phone. The slim, new sleek look is something that makes you feel good all over. Not to mention, there is just something about pulling out the newest 6 Plus at the bar when everyone else is playing around with their old iphone 5S that just screams “Winning!”

It’s not until you realize that the savvy, new design slides out of your hands way too easily and before you know it your delicate beauty falls to the tile floor (“I only had one beer I sware!”) and your iPhone 6 Plus spiderwebs across the whole screen!

OH MY GAWD!! What have you done!!! You gasp in horror. Can it be? The beautiful iPhone 6 Plus that you once marveled and obsessed over could possibly be broken?

You’re not alone.

33% of cell phone users break the glass of their brand new phone within 10 weeks of purchase and the iPhone 6 Plus is no exception.

Luckily, the moment you have all been waiting for has FINALLY arrived.


Indiana Phones is now repairing the iPhone 6 Plus Broken Screen & LCD!!!

At last! A solution to the mayhem! Finally- a chance for you to get back on the horse and have that sexy new iPhone 6 Plus back!

Call to get it fixed today! 619-577-3065

(Don’t forget to get a tempered glass to prevent your phone from cracking in the future!)

Take your life back!

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iPhone 6 PLUS Repair at Indiana Phones